The house

Your country house in the heart of Vexin Normand

We have imagined La Lévrière as a country house, your country house. A unique place, only 1 hour from Paris, where you can come and breathe, recharge your batteries, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy nature. A place to share, where you can come for a weekend or a holiday in the countryside as a couple, with family or friends.

A perfect place to discover this side of Normandy.

The guest house is independent, so that you feel at home. It can be privatized for your personal, family and professional events (seminars, shootings).

“A natural and slow life interlude, that’s what you’ll find at La Lévrière.

La Lévrière’s spirit

When we arrived at La Lévrière, we had several dreams. The first one was ambitious : to achieve a form of food self-sufficiency by producing our own organic fruit and vegetables in permaculture, to grow old, forgotten varieties, and of course, not to use chemicals. We are now delighted to offer you the opportunity to taste our produce with our table d’hôtes based on the organic vegetables from our garden.

The second was a childhood dream : to live with animals, to have enough land to have horses, chickens and a dog. This was without counting on the wild ducks, birds and deer, which also share our forest garden and which we never tire of watching.

Then, to slow down, to escape the hustle and bustle, to live to the rhythm of nature and its seasons, to (re)find a simplicity and a gentleness of life. We have designed La Lévrière as a cocoon, where we invite you to put down your suitcases to reconnect with the essential.

Our green approach

Everyone must do their part, at their own level, as the legend of the little hummingbird who tries to put out the fire that is ravaging the forest illustrates so well. At La Lévrière, we try to limit our ecological impact as much as possible. We also try to limit our consumption : we like to give a second life to old objects, to collect things, to make our furniture from local wood…

We favour short circuits, local and organic products. The organic vegetables that you eat at our table d’hôtes come directly from our vegetable garden, and the fruit, as soon as possible, from our orchard.

We have adopted environmentally friendly cleaning products, we recycle, we have a compost… and chickens : thanks to them, no food waste !

We try to reduce our waste as much as possible, the use of plastic, and watch our electricity and water consumption.

As we are constantly striving to improve, we are also keen to hear your good ideas on how we can make a difference !