The micro-farm

The vegetable garden-orchard

When we first arrived at La Levrière, the garden was a large, untouched piece of land that looked like a jungle. We created a vegetable garden, planted an orchard, and set up a micro-farm to provide most of our needs and those of our guests for vegetables and fruit. The table d’hôtes is cooked with our organic vegetables.

Part of the garden has been left wild to conserve endemic species and pollinators.

We are developing our own varieties of certain vegetables, adapted to the particular conditions of a riverside.

Our animals

We are fortunate to live with our dog, Rio, an adorable border collie who loves to play with our guests, our chickens, who give us good eggs, and our horses, who are in the garden on sunny days.

Wild ducks live in the garden, we are also blessed with many birds, moorhens, frogs, and the occasional visit from deer.

Take La Reine Blanche walking path at the bottom of the garden for a stroll through the countryside amidst meadows of cows, horses… You may encounter roe deer. In the bellowing season, you can hear the deer calling from the garden and perhaps catch a glimpse of them…